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Weekly Sermons and Sunday School lessons from Arriola Bible Church.

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    10-7-18 Sunday School: The Gospel Project

    This morning in The Gospel Project we look at Acts 24, 25, & 26, Paul Before Rulers. Mark K. teaches us that God calls us to be more concerned about others' salvation than about our own situation.

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    9-30-18 Sunday School: The Gospel Project

    This morning Frank teaches from Acts 23 where we see how Paul deals with being persecuted and facing a trial. We see that Paul leans on the resurrection hope found in Christ as the only source of Christian courage.

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    9-23-18 Sermon: Sing! Shout! Come! Psalm 95

    This morning we continue our study in the book of Psalms and find ourselves looking at Psalm 95. Our God is so glorious that He is worthy of constant praise. Constant worship. So join in with the throng – sing and shout, come into His presence… today… now…

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    9-23-18 Sunday School: The Gospel Project

    This morning we look at faith and Hebrews 11 – the hall of fame of faith. Faith is what we are all about and yet so often we misunderstand faith. Today we will, using many verses and Hebrews 11, get a firm grasp on this most wonderful thing called faith.

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    9-9-18 Sermon: East - West; Psalm 32

    This morning in our continuing short journey through the Psalms, we look at Psalm 32. This Psalm was written by David following one of the darkest times in his life. He was living in sin and the weight it of was too much to bear. Fortunately, God always provides help and hope for the believer, even in the darkest of sinful situations.

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    9-9-18 Sunday School: The Gospel Project

    This week in the Gospel Project we will be looking at the Armor of God from Ephesians 6. Spiritual warfare is real, demons are real, Satan is real and God has made it very clear how a believer can combat the evil one and thwart his plan.

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    8-26-18 Sermon: The Songs of the Fellowship; Various Psalms

    This morning we get ready for our annual Family Camp here at Arriola Bible Church. Our theme this year is The Songs of the Fellowship – a study in Psalms. We will get an overview of the Psalms and then read through a few getting a feel for the beauty and splendor of the Psalms.

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