Arriola Bible Church

Arriola Bible Church

Weekly Sermons and Sunday School lessons from Arriola Bible Church.

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    03-11-18 Sunday School: The Gospel Project

    This morning Frank M. leads our study of the ascension of the risen King. As Jesus leaves His disciples for the last time, what message does He leave? What power does He grant? What task does He command?

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    03-04-18 Sermon: A Great Salvation; Hebrews 2:3-4

    This morning as we celebrate the Lord's Supper, we take a journey through the Scriptures and see what it is that God has done in proving and granting to us this Great Salvation.

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    03-04-18 Sunday School: The Gospel Project

    This morning we study the Risen King's Commission. Now that He is risen, what is next? Empowerment and witness. Two things that began with the disciples and continues to this very day and beyond.

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    02-25-18 Sunday School: The Gospel Project

    This morning Frank M. teaches and we see that the Risen King is One who forgives and restores. We, like Peter, need that very thing from Jesus and He offers it, still today!

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    02-18-18 Sunday School: The Gospel Project

    This week we look at the Risen King and His interaction with the disciples and specifically Thomas. This passage has often been called the story of doubting Thomas; yet we see that Thomas was not all that different than the other disciples. We will then be challenged to believe, to have faith, to live it and to walk in it.

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    02-11-18 Sunday School: The Gospel Project

    This morning we see Jesus appear to His disciples on the night of His resurrection. He declares His peace upon them and then sends them out, with power, to represent Him.

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